Currently, mycryo type cocoa butter is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, mycryo is a kind of pure cocoa butter powder specially designed to soften chocolate. But not only that, mycryo also has other roles. You have just acquired your new mycryo cocoa butter and you don't know how to use it. Here are some effective tips.

What is mycryo cocoa butter?

Mycryo cocoa butter is a perfectly noble fat with a neutral taste. Mycryo cocoa butter actually comes from the pressing of crushed and roasted cocoa beans. It is totally solid when exposed to room temperature. However, it begins to melt at 35 °C. To improve its use while providing users with remarkable properties, mycryo cocoa butter is available in powder form. It is of good quality and can be stored for longer. Very popular and used to crystallize the chocolate while making mousses and Bavarian, mycryo butter is now finding its place in the kitchen. It can be applied in salty cooking, with an unexpected effect.

Mycryo cocoa butter: ideal for tempering chocolate

It is well known that chocolate tempering is part of a precious art. In order to succeed in this art, it is imperative to follow a particular temperature curve. However, this task requires a certain know-how and also patience. Thanks to the invention of mycryo cocoa butter, the process has finally been improved. All you have to do is melt the couverture chocolate at the temperature indicated on the instructions. Then you can add a quantity of cocoa butter powder when the temperature is around 35 °C. As a result, your chocolate can retain its fluidity perfectly for hours. You can thus make Easter eggs or sweets.

Mycryo Cocoa Butter: perfect for cooking your food

You've probably heard of baking from butter! Indeed, mycryo butter is also judicious for cooking the most delicious foods such as foie gras, or shells. Also, many users use it to fry meat, fish and vegetables. You should know that this butter is able to resist up to 200 degrees, without going broke and without losing quality. Also, it is able to effectively reduce up to 70% of calories from cooking fat. This is what differentiates it from other fats. When it comes to taste, don't worry! The flavour of your food is not likely to change by using this butter. Contrary to what some people think, mycryo is totally economical and satisfying. Not to mention that the amount needed is small compared to other fats.