For a healthy life, favour foods rich in vitamins and mineral salts for the benefit of body and mind. Superfoods are the best allies for good health. This name comes from the fact that they bring undeniable benefits to our plate. And that's not all! These natural products concentrate nutrients that are rich and varied enough to provide better effects on the body and in organic cosmetics. These are in fact the fruits, berries and spices that have always been foodstuffs with benefits. Discover powdered superfoods, a must have in the kitchen cupboard.

Superfoods and super powders

Super powders are actually the by-products of super foods. The difference between the two is simply that one is powdered and the other can be whole seeds, algae such as spirulina or spices such as turmeric. Both contain the same virtues for your body and your beauty. You can use them to season your daily dishes to enjoy all their benefits. Cocoa powder is an excellent breakfast food. It is rich in iron and calcium, which are essential for the body.

The benefits of super-powders on our plate

Each super-powder will have its own benefits for your body. That's all the more reason to multiply super powders in your kitchen and shower cabinet. They can boost your energy and add great taste to soups and dishes. For a good digestive function, rely on baobab powder. The super-powder actually makes it easier to use because you just need to add a few pinches and that's it. There are a variety of super-powders to bring benefits to the body, namely spirulina, turmeric, cocoa, and fruit, all in powder form.

What are the most recommended super-powders?

In order to make the right choice, simply ask about their respective benefits. You can consume them on a daily basis to benefit from their vitamin content and other virtuous health nutrients. Spirulina powder is a natural source of antioxidants to fight against stress. It also improves the endurance and resistance of the body. As for turmeric powders, they work to protect the liver while promoting transit. You can use it as a face mask to fight acne. Turmeric is also a great help in reducing the effects of stress and anxiety. Other products such as blueberry powder or konjac powder also have beneficial effects on the body.