Kitchen equipment and utensils

What materials should be banned when it comes to kitchen utensils?

Cooking utensils are used daily. Each family has its own preference when it comes to kitchen utensils. The materials used are various on the market: plastic, glass, aluminium, wood… Prices vary according to the quality of the materials. It is…

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Cake design: equip yourself with dyes, flavourings and sugar dough!

Gastronomy is a very broad subject, as it demonstrates culinary know-how on the different specialities of the world, whether in the kitchen or in the patisserie. Speaking of baking, cake design is very trendy, especially during the Christmas holidays. What…

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Chocolates and fried foods: focus on polycarbonate moulds!

Sweet snacks are modernizing and now take all possible forms. Prepared in polycarbonate moulds, chocolate fries are being given pride of place. A resounding success, why is it worth having some at home? Here’s a little overview on the subject….

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Cooking with hay: basic equipment and first steps in the kitchen!

Hay cooking is becoming more and more popular lately. It is considered by many as the big trend of the herbaceous moment. By definition, hay is dry grass that has been previously mowed. It can be used to feed animals, but other people…

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The advantages of the bean coffee machine

It’s impossible to do anything in the morning without a hot cup of coffee to start the day! To enjoy a good cup of coffee every day, opt for a professional quality coffee machine like the bean machine that combines…

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