Sweet snacks are modernizing and now take all possible forms. Prepared in polycarbonate moulds, chocolate fries are being given pride of place. A resounding success, why is it worth having some at home? Here's a little overview on the subject.

Polycarbonate moulds, kitchen accessories of choice

In order for your homemade chocolates to be easily removed from the moulds and to be smooth and shiny to please your guests at the parties, polycarbonate moulds have the advantage of being versatile. In fact, these moulds are usually reserved for professional use, if you work in a pastry shop or are a chocolate maker. However, they can be purchased online or in specialist shops. They are made of food-grade plastic that is guaranteed bisphenol-free, are easy to wash and pose no health risk if used often. Polycarbonate moulds are known for their strength and resistance. This makes them a good investment in terms of baking equipment.

Polycarbonate moulds, kitchen accessories for festive occasions

Easter or Christmas chocolates often come in all sorts of shapes and forms. They are to offer to family or friends. This is why, in order to make them, it is ideal to have a polycarbonate mould to make them. Fried chocolates are best made in this type of mould. There are different models available. At the main events during the year, you can make chocolates in the shape of fish, shellfish, eggs, chickens or even rabbits for Easter. At Christmas, there are frying pans in the shape of: fir trees, reindeer, gifts, holly, elf or Santa Claus. The chocolate peels off relatively easily when the mould is turned on the worktop.

Polycarbonate moulds, all-in-one kitchen accessories

When preparing a chocolate fry, it is more interesting to be able to mould several squares at the same time. Moreover, it should be noted that fries, confectionery made from one and the same chocolate, can only be well made in this type of mould. Indeed, it is thermoformed. Depending on the models chosen, a polycarbonate mould offers the opportunity to make several small chocolates at once. This gives the impression that each chocolate figure is unique. These are moulds that can also be used for moulding, i.e. to assemble two pieces together to create a figure with a 3D effect. It is more advantageous to have more than two polycarbonate moulds. The fact that this type of mould is transparent also makes it easier to make coloured chocolates.