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Cheese Around the Globe: Regional Delicacies and Traditions

The human race has many differences, but it shares one trait: everyone loves cheese. From ancient times cheese has been a beloved comfort food and an essential culinary ingredient. Recent studies have found cheese to be a superfood and very…

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What is the purpose of cooking class?

Most schools offer some form of cooking class, but what is the purpose of these classes? Are they simply to teach students how to cook, or is there more to it than that? Cooking classes can offer students a number…

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Happy Cake – birthday cakes delivered in the UK and Ireland

Order here : https://happy-cake.co.uk/ Our revolutionary bakery is proud to be able to offer you 100% organic, gluten-free birthday cakes. We even have a 100% vegan option for those of you who have children or futur guest which are allergic to…

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Best gourmet restaurants

Find online the best gourmet restaurants near you

Finding good food near you does not have to be a hassle. It is now more comfortable as you can use online means and get great eateries to enjoy great meals. Some of the most common traditional gourmets include Cornish…

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Learn French cuisine

Learn French cuisine in Paris by attending private courses

There is plenty of things that you will learn at www.lefoodist.com ; the traditions and cultures of French cooking, from coming up with recipes to exploring the French food culture to serving delicacies. For aspiring international and domestic chefs, Paris…

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Fast food: lobster roll arrives in France!

Lobster roll is the current trend in street food. This sandwich is an alternative to ham butter, hot dog and burger. Easy to prepare, it also appears in fast food restaurants. It can be enjoyed in restaurants, at home, on the street or…

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Mycryo cocoa butter: how to use it?

Currently, mycryo type cocoa butter is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, mycryo is a kind of pure cocoa butter powder specially designed to soften chocolate. But not only that, mycryo also has other roles. You have just acquired your…

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Focus on the best organic spreads to replace Nutella

Nutella is undoubtedly the favourite spread for most children, but also for adults. But its consumption is no longer highly recommended. Nowadays, many organic spreads are available in organic shops, organic online stores or in chocolate shops to replace Nutella. Is Nutella…

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Cocoa, spirulina, turmeric… After the superfoods, here come the superpowders!

For a healthy life, favour foods rich in vitamins and mineral salts for the benefit of body and mind. Superfoods are the best allies for good health. This name comes from the fact that they bring undeniable benefits to our…

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Kimchi, Tempeh, Kefir… Focus on food friendly microbiota

In order to preserve the health of the cells in your intestine, microbiota friendly food is a new type of diet that has become fashionable and allows you to keep your figure while enjoying varied and tasty dishes. Accompanied by…

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