Lobster roll is the current trend in street food. This sandwich is an alternative to ham butter, hot dog and burger. Easy to prepare, it also appears in fast food restaurants. It can be enjoyed in restaurants, at home, on the street or at a picnic.

The history of the lobster roll

It all started in the 1930s, in a small seafood specialty store called "Perry's". This shack is located in the state of Maine on the east coast of the United States. This place offered a brand new sandwich that is made from a brioche bread, lobster and mayonnaise. So the lobster roll is a hot dog, but the sausage has just been replaced by lobster. Soon, the lobster roll also became widespread in Canada and is called "lobster roll".

The original lobster roll recipe

An authentic Maine lobster roll consists of a hot dog bun and lobster. The lobster must be cut into pieces. A lot of mayonnaise is put on top of the lobster, which should wrap the lobster without masking its flavour. Its preparation takes only a few minutes. First of all, the butter must be heated in a frying pan. Then, we put the bread in it to grill it. It is more practical to cut the bread in half. Afterwards, the toasted bread should be brushed with mayonnaise. Afterwards, we mix the lobster cut in small pieces with the mayonnaise before putting it on the bread. The lobster roll is finally ready to be eaten.

The entry of the lobster roll in France

Over the years, lobster roll has evolved a great deal and many recipes can now be found all over the world. In France, it is considered a luxury street food since its price is higher than other sandwiches. However, many restaurants and food courts in France offer this famous lobster roll in their menu. Some restaurants even make it their specialty and offer a unique taste introducing the lobster roll French version. Whatever the variant of the lobster roll, this sandwich always stands out from other fast-foods and is timeless. Today, it can be served with shrimp, crab, spring vegetables, celery, and even mango. To make the formula lighter in the mouth, some preparations add lemon juice to the mayonnaise, or chilli, parsley and chives. The sandwich is also served with hazelnut butter for the gourmets. In general, the lobster roll is always served with fries or salad.