In order to preserve the health of the cells in your intestine, microbiota friendly food is a new type of diet that has become fashionable and allows you to keep your figure while enjoying varied and tasty dishes. Accompanied by fermented food, it gives a whole new taste to food.

Fermented food as an accompaniment

Miso paste and kimchi are side dishes that are prepared to complement a Japanese or Korean dish. Miso paste is made from soybeans, barley or rice. Kimchi is a spicy side dish made by fermenting Chinese cabbage leaves, small vegetables and chili peppers that have been macerated together. Eaten sparingly, these two foods are excellent for the intestinal flora. Similarly, tempeh, native to Indonesia, is also a food associated with the microbiota trend. It is made by fermenting soybeans to obtain a block similar to tofu. Tempeh is a food with a high protein and fibre content.

Fermented drinks

Kefir and kombucha are interesting to drink if you suffer from stomach pains or have digestion problems. They are natural painkillers. Kefir grains are used to ferment a fruit drink and kombucha is a form of fermented tea. These are healthy drinks that have health benefits because they are very rich in probiotics. These are bacteria that work with the intestine to help it function properly. To feed probiotics, you need to ingest prebiotics. They are found in garlic, onions and leeks. They will increase the number of good bacteria in your intestine so that all your meals are well digested.

Foods you can easily find at home

If fermented foods from the Middle East or Asia are expensive or difficult to prepare at mealtimes; consider adding pickles (such as achards, sauerkraut or pickles) to your table. These are ideal condiments that balance your diet. They are easy to find in your local grocery store or at a good organic market gardener. As for their preparation, just let them macerate in jars with salt or a little white vinegar to obtain delicious accompaniments. If you like sweet desserts, but don't want to go overboard, try a plain yoghurt with dried fruit. It's excellent for your intestinal transit. Finally, to complete your microbiota diet, opt for fruits and vegetables rich in fibre. Fibre also accelerates the proliferation of good bacteria that stabilise the health of your digestive system.