This trend has emerged to complement the great fashion for healthy food. On the internet as well as on social networks, various recipes for wellness cocktails and smoothies are invading the web. In general, mocktails are prepared with fresh, high-quality and above all healthy products. This is an excellent alternative to avoid terrible hangovers in the morning or being embarrassed to order a non-alcoholic cocktail in a restaurant. Here's an overview.

The origin of the word mocktail

As you can imagine, this word comes from the name "cocktail". In fact, mocktails is a combination of the English prefix "Mock", which translates to "imitate" in French, and the word cocktail. It refers to a drink made like cocktails, but with a base other than alcohol: still water or sparkling water for example. If at the beginning you only know the Virgin mojito, today there are many non-alcoholic cocktails in the same category as the latter. The concept has become imposing so that it has its own classification. During the hot seasons, a glass of this blend served with lots of ice cubes will make all the difference: thirst-quenching, healthy, tasty and visually appetizing for everyone.

A non-alcoholic cocktail: is it a fruit juice?

Many people are mistaken about the principles behind mocktails. Making a non-alcoholic cocktail does not necessarily mean opening a carton of fruit juice and mixing in a few other fruits to obtain a nice colour. This image is very far from the truth. In reality, bartenders use a very specific technique and know-how to make a good mocktail, just as they usually do with alcoholic cocktails. The aim is to add exquisite flavours and control the dosage of the various ingredients used. Often its preparation is a major challenge to make it taste surprising to new taste buds and thus seduce them.

Its place in cocktail bars

Bartenders in their profession have found it exciting to concoct alcohol-free cocktails. The mocktails even have a special menu outside of the other drinks to make them stand out. Among the various proposals, you will find many recipes that will certainly meet your needs. The selection is indeed very wide, to mention only the mocktail mint raspberry, pink raspberry, lemon, strawberry and basil, coffee and caramel, elderflower, lime and lemongrass, orange and grenadine, caramelized pineapple spiced up with a little spice and many others. If you can't choose, ask the bartender to make you a non-alcoholic cocktail with the ingredients you liked.