Hay cooking is becoming more and more popular lately. It is considered by many as the big trend of the herbaceous moment. By definition, hay is dry grass that has been previously mowed. It can be used to feed animals, but other people who are passionate about cooking have found a completely different use for it. Hay is available over the counter at delicatessens, garden centres and pet stores. As a precaution, hay should not be inherited by washing it and then drying it in the sun on a taut clothesline. There are several types of hay and fragrances, but the choice is up to the taste of each cook.

A casserole dish

Ideal for flavouring red meat or poultry, hay can be used in cooking in a casserole. To do so, just place some at the bottom. Add a little water and place the meat. On the other hand, the delicacy of fish does not allow its use too much. When cooking meat, you just have to avoid sticking it on the meat. Hay can also be added to the casserole to add more flavour to the cooking. To do this, you must use aromatic hay.

In the oven

Hay is used in the oven to intensify the flavour of the meat. To do this, the oven lick is covered with hay. Then the meat is placed on a large surface which is then placed in the oven at the right temperature. Depending on the meat, it will take 1 to 1.5 hours to cook, for example duck breast. It should be pointed out that rotary heat ovens are not ideal for using hay. Especially if the power of the blower cannot be adjusted. Prefer conventional ovens for this use.

Smoking (cooking)

For smoking, it is possible to smoke cheese, poultry meat, pork for example. You can use a casserole, a frying pan or a grill for grilling. To do so, the condiment is either covered with hay or cooked with hay or the hay is burnt directly on the meat. Alternatively, the cheese may be wrapped in hay and placed in a place at room temperature. But it is worth noting that almost everything can be smoked, from vegetables to bacon to milk even ice cream can be smoked with hay, it is all a matter of taste. Be careful not to overuse hay, however, as it can spoil the flavour of the dish. And prefer less fatty meat to be smoked, because it easily absorbs the odorous elements.