Dukkah, an Egyptian condiment, is now found in all sauces. Most cooks now use it to season the various dishes they prepare every day. If you too would like to try the flavour of Dukkah, simply buy some at your local delicatessen.

Dukkah: What is it?

Dukkah consists of spices, seeds and nuts. It is nothing less than a mixture of several spices from the Middle East.  It originates from Egypt, where it is used in the preparation of the country's most emblematic dishes. It is also a popular street food. Dukkah is appreciated for its high fat and protein content. Already highly prized elsewhere, such as in South Africa and Australia, it is only very recently that it has begun to be used in France. Nevertheless, Dukkah has quickly become one of the favourite condiments of French foodistas. Just a few spoonfuls and a dish is completely transformed!

Dukkah: to spice up different dishes

This ingredient gives real flavour to the dishes with which it is associated. For example, it can be sprinkled on salads, meat dishes, soups, etc. Dukkah spice can also enhance the taste of an omelette or other simple dishes. This condiment can also be used with vegetarian recipes. With Dukkah it is possible to add more flavour to really basic dishes. Anyone can be creative and turn any dish into a brand new recipe with Mediterranean influences. Now it is also possible to test the flavour of dishes with this delicious blend in most restaurants or simply by ordering online at restaurants specialising in Egyptian food.

Where can you find Dukkah from Egypt?

Dukkah can be found in most delicatessens or in virtual shops specializing in the sale of this type of product. However, it is perfectly possible to prepare this condiment yourself. You simply need to acquire the ingredients necessary for its preparation, such as almonds, hazelnuts, green pepper, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, sesame seeds, flower of salt, etc. You can add even more ingredients to your Dukkah to obtain even richer textures. To prepare the Dukkah, place the different seeds on a baking tray and bake at 180°C for about 2 minutes. Once they have cooled down, they are put in a blender and the remaining ingredients are added. To make your own Dukkah, you can also choose typical French ingredients to give a whole new dimension to this oriental flavour.