Scannappeal is a local charity dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical equipment for the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust.

Since its foundation almost 30 years ago, Scannappeal has raised over £12 million and has purchased equipment for every major department in each of the county’s hospitals (Stoke Mandeville, Wycombe General, Amersham and community hospitals). 

Patients accessing Buckinghamshire’s health services benefit from more efficient diagnosis and treatment through the availability of cutting-edge equipment that the NHS is unable to fund.

Current Appeals include: The Cancer Fighting Fund ; The Laser Heart Appeal; The Sound Appeal and the Digital & 3D Breast Screening Appeal as well as the Small Projects Programme

Scannappeal is funded solely by the donations received from the public. It is staffed by a small professional team and its fundraising activities and events could not operate without the dedication and commitment that its volunteers provide.

Our facebook www.facebook.com/scannappeal and twitter www.twitter.com/scannappeal

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Great Missenden Food Festival

27.28.29 August 2016 - B/H Weekend